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Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions encapsulate ingenuity. We offer you the opportunity to leverage our state-of-the-art and Confidential writing approach, with the guarantee of achieving top-tier grades.

1. Introduction

These terms and conditions delineate the legal framework governing the relationship between the user (you) and the service provider (us) as stipulated in the contract. It may also include disclaimers, especially in the context of a website. Therefore, it is requisite to thoroughly comprehend every clause before accessing our website.

Upon availing and employing our services, you agree that you have read, understood, and are morally obligated by these terms and conditions. We implore you to peruse them thoroughly as they encompass vital particulars about your legal entitlements, duties, and restrictions.

2. Services Offered

We offer a variety of academic writing services, including but not limited to:

  • Dissertation and Thesis writing assistance
  • Assignment and Essay writing help
  • Research Proposal development
  • Editing and Proofreading services
  • Formatting and Referencing assistance

3. Client Responsibilities

As a user of our Services, You must adhere to the following obligations and policies.

  • You are fully aware that the Website and Services are exclusively intended for personal use. Any attempts to deceive, mislead, or defraud any individual, violate or circumvent any applicable law, rule, or regulation, infringe upon the rights of any person or entity, or promote illegal or harmful activities are strictly prohibited
  • Impersonating any individual, faking Your true identity, credentials, associations, or motives, and systematically recovering information to produce or assemble collections, databases, directories, or similar resources, whether by manual means, through automated bots, crawlers, or spiders, or otherwise, is not authorised.
  • Accessing, duplicating, disseminating, sharing, broadcasting, utilising, retaining, or creating derivative works from any Website Content owned by the Company or a third party, including works protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents, or other intellectual property rights, is strictly prohibited unless explicitly authorised by the rights holder.
  • It is strictly prohibited to divulge your login credentials or assign your account to another party without our explicit consent. Moreover, it is not allowed or circumvent our systems, policies, and decisions about your account status, such as attempting to log in or utilise the website when your account has been suspended or terminated, or if you have been temporarily or permanently barred from using the services
  • You must provide clear and accurate instructions for the Services you seek. Always confirm that you have permission to write and submit the material to the public domain. Ensure clients have all the information and means required to obtain the services. Make sure that the final draft is accurate and contains no instances of plagiarism before submitting it to the portal. Finally, check the final copy of the work, thoroughly to make sure it’s free from plagiarism and well formatted before uploading on the portal.

4. Our Responsibilities

Our team of highly skilled writers is always committed to following your exact instructions and also to delivering the completed requested services within the stipulated time. Once again, we would like to stress that we take the protection of your privacy and your data seriously. We firmly assure you that we will not breach your confidentiality and ensure your information is secure.
Despite the efforts to present the work free of any plagiarism, it is crucial to note that assurances in this regard may at times be limited by information provided by the client or the use of information from outside sources. Nevertheless, it must be noted that we strive to provide you only with unique and ethical materials.

we are committed to delivering frequent updates, based on the feedback and comments your tutor has given within the stipulated period. Our sincere word is to stay with you all the way and to provide all the necessary information to ensure that the outcome meets your objectives. We value your trust and remain committed to upholding these standards as we continue to serve you.

5. Pricing and Payment

When placing an order, we will commence processing it only after receiving and authorising the payment.

Payment for the Orders can be settled using a variety of methods of payment method like Stripe and credit cards and currently accessible during the checkout phase.

Our Money Back Guarantee Policy will provide a refund if a client decides to cancel the “in progress” work. It is crucial to understand that we are not responsible for any fees associated with bank transfers, transfer errors, or delays brought on by problems with the banks.

You must pay any applicable taxes, such as value-added or service taxes, to the client, by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the services are provided.

You acknowledge that you must comply with the income tax laws in your jurisdiction.

6. Delivery and Turnaround Time

We guarantee that the product will be delivered by the date mentioned in the order. However after the product is delivered, the client must make sure that appropriate delivery channels are available. We disclaim all liability for any problems resulting from the customer providing an inaccurate email address, spam filters, internet outages, or other issues that could occur from the client’s carelessness in providing contact channels. We strongly encourage customers to contact our support staff if they need any help with order delivery.

After the product is delivered, it is the client’s responsibility to download it as soon as possible.

It is important to thoroughly familiarise yourself with our Money Back Guarantee policy to have a complete understanding of your entitlement to a refund.

7. Revisions and Refunds

  • We offer a restricted number of alterations within a specified period after delivery.
  • Refunds are assessed on a case-by-case basis and require a valid justification. They may not be granted for unfinished work.
  • Help Academic levies a 50% service fee, which is non-refundable.
  • Customers have the option to cancel orders while they’re in the processing stage, and a refund is available for eligible cancellations.
  • Refund requests are considered for standard delivery timelines, and evaluated by a Quality Assurance committee.
  • Revisions are complimentary, and funds may take 40-60 working days to be credited to customers’ accounts.

8. Intellectual Property

You retain the intellectual property rights for the guidance provided and the source materials you submit.

We hold the copyright for the Services provided and also grant you a non-exclusive license to utilise them for educational purposes.

9. Disclaimer and Limitations of Liability

The website does not offer an implied or express warranty. Although we work hard to deliver a top-notch service, we cannot guarantee that the Website will live up to your expectations or needs.
You use the Website at your own risk. If your computer system is not capable of supporting the required technologies, such as encryption, the Website might not be available to you or might not work properly.

Accessing the website is subject to various laws and regulations as it uses the World Wide Web. This website may include links to other sites and your access to those other sites is at your own risk. We cannot be held liable for official content from third-party sites. We acknowledge that we have the right to cancel the services once the terms are violated or when demands increase. It is possible to terminate activities at any time with a legitimate reason but may be held liable for work left undone.

10. Termination

  • We are entitled to exercise our rights to shut down Services if you violate the provisions of the Terms or make too many requests.
  • You may choose to discontinue the Services at will but with reasonable explanation; however, you will be liable for any uncompleted assignment.

11. Confidentiality

  • All the information you provide to us will be kept private to maintain your security.
  • Your personal information will only be released to third parties with your permission.

12. Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions contain the entire understanding of you and us concerning the Services and supersede any prior or concurrently existing mutual transactions.

13. Amendment

We retain the right to make changes to these Terms while providing you with sufficient notification. “

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